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Puppy Love Heals: Adorable Pup Forms Bond in Recovery After Miracle Surgery



Quick Smiles:

  • Quill, a puppy with a severe jaw injury, and Fritter, a kitten with a lost eye, both found solace in each other’s company during their recovery at the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS).
  • Their unique bond was so strong that they were placed in the same foster home, where their antics quickly won over their foster parents’ hearts.
  • Quill and Fritter’s heart-melting friendship story ended with their foster parents deciding to adopt them, ensuring they’ll be best friends forever.

Last month, the Kentucky Humane Society (KHS) welcomed a tiny stray puppy who was in dire need of help. This little guy, dubbed Quill, was suffering from severe mouth injuries, likely from a run-in with another animal. Quill couldn’t eat or drink, and X-rays revealed a life-threatening break in his lower jaw. He was rushed into surgery, but there was still a looming threat.

KHS shared on Facebook, “Our vet team performed surgery to temporarily realign and secure his jaw bones, but this is not a permanent solution. He may require partial jaw removal surgery to allow him to heal properly.”


Post-surgery, the staff showered Quill with love and affection, and with each round of applause and gentle cuddle, they fell more in love with him.

However, Quill’s condition took a turn for the worse, and he was swiftly taken back into surgery. The team successfully removed the infection, and despite the intensity of the procedure, Quill proved to be a little fighter.

“Quill is recovering well, but will always have a unique look from his trauma,” KHS updated on Facebook. “Despite it all, his spirit remains unbroken.”

But there was one moment that truly tugged at everyone’s heartstrings: the day Quill met Fritter. Fritter, a two-month-old kitten with a debilitating eye injury, was on a healing journey similar to Quill’s. Just as Quill had lost part of his jaw, Fritter sadly lost his eye. But the moment they met, it was as if they filled a void in each other.

“While healing with our veterinary services department, Fritter snuggled up to Quill as if they’d known each other in a past life,” KHS shared. “The two are inseparable …”

Quill and Fritter became inseparable buddies, often trying to eat from the same food bowl. Recognizing this special bond, the KHS team decided to place them in the same foster home. They believed that a warm, loving home would aid their recovery, and that together, Quill and Fritter would flourish.


When they finally moved into their foster home, their new family was instantly smitten. It didn’t take long for them to realize that they couldn’t part with these adorable besties.

“Their foster [parents] fell head-over-heels for their adorable antics and decided to make it official,” KHS shared. “Now these two survivors will live out their days as best friends …”

The KHS staff couldn’t be happier to see Quill and Fritter settling into their forever home. Even though they miss their daily dose of cuteness at the shelter, they’re thrilled to know that the dynamic duo is still cuddling up together in their new home. And no matter how much time passes, they’ll always cherish the joy they felt watching Quill and Fritter’s beautiful friendship blossom.