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Record-Breaking Birth: Wiener Dog Welcomes Numerous Puppies



Quick Smiles:

  • A dachshund named Winnie has given birth to a record-breaking litter of 11 puppies.
  • Owner Rayma Jones was amazed by the unexpected number of puppies and believes it may be a world record.
  • Winnie is a devoted and caring mother, with ten nipples to feed her adorable brood.

In heartwarming news, a dachshund named Winnie has made headlines for giving birth to an incredible litter of 11 puppies. The three-year-old wiener dog, also known as a sausage dog, surpassed the typical litter size of one to six puppies for her breed. Owner Rayma Jones was left in awe of Winnie’s remarkable feat and believes it may be a world record, although there is no official record for individual dog breeds.

“I was amazed by the litter,” shared Rayma, who is a stay-at-home dog mom. “I just kept counting them over and over. I was so surprised that I kept expecting her to pop out another one when I wasn’t looking. She’s such a great mom. I’m overwhelmed that she could have had a world record number of puppies.”

The journey to this extraordinary moment began with a scan at 35 days of Winnie’s nine-week pregnancy, which revealed six puppies in her belly. The birth itself was a remarkable experience for Rayma, who stayed up with Winnie to support her. The first puppy arrived at 11:30pm, followed by the second at 1:30am. The next four puppies arrived just 20 minutes apart. Then, in quick succession, numbers seven, eight, and nine made their appearances, with only minutes between each one. After a 40-minute gap, the tenth puppy arrived.

Rayma thought Winnie was finished and went to bed at 6:30am. However, when she checked on her furry friend four hours later, she couldn’t believe her eyes. “I thought 10 was amazing,” Rayma exclaimed. “But when I came back, I counted them and there were 11. There was no mess, she’d just washed it and lined it up with the others. She’s so clever.”

Winnie has proven to be a natural and devoted mother. With ten nipples, she can almost feed all her puppies simultaneously. Rayma describes the experience as incredibly sweet to watch. “She never wants to leave them, and if she hears a dog, she’s right there next to them. She’s the best mom ever.”

Winnie’s puppies come in a variety of beautiful colors, reflecting her own unique silver dapple coat. Five of the puppies are silver with black spots, three are chocolate, and three are black and tan. While it may be difficult to say goodbye, Rayma knows she will have to sell the puppies. “I can’t live with eleven puppies, or I’ll become the crazy dog lady!”

This heartwarming story of Winnie and her record-breaking litter brings joy and warmth to our hearts. It reminds us of the incredible bond between humans and animals and the wonders that nature can bring. Let’s celebrate Winnie’s amazing achievement and share this hot dog of a story with all our dog-loving friends!