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Rotund Rodent Fumbles in Foiled Forage, Requires Rescue from Trash Bin [Video]



Quick Smiles:

  • A plump groundhog got stuck in a trash can lid hole after foraging for food, creating an amusing scene captured on TikTok. A passerby provided assistance to free the wild rodent.
  • Despite this initial setback, the same or another groundhog reportedly returned to the scene for another round of trash scavenging, this time managing a successful escape.
  • Evidence of chewed holes in various trash can lids suggests these bins are common targets for groundhog incursions, though human assistance seems to be on hand for the more rotund thieves when they encounter trouble.

An apparently straightforward plot of scavenging from a trash can ended in an amusing predicament for an overly plump groundhog.

The wild rodent, who had hoped to stealthily dine on the refuse and subsequently escape unnoticed, found himself ensnared due to his sizeable girth.

A video circulating on TikTok captures the amusing tableau.

It appears the rotund raider had effortlessly accessed the refuse receptacle via a hole in the lid.

However, upon attempting his exit, the round-bodied rodent was faced with an unforeseen challenge — his chubby physique hindered his escape through the very hole he had infiltrated through.


BUDDY FOUND A GROUNDHOG STUCK IN THE GARBAGE 😂😂😂 #funny #animals ♬ original sound – RASCAL


The unexpected captive of his own cunning plan, the groundhog found himself in need of a timely rescue.

Fortunately, a good samaritan happened by and helped extricate him from his self-made trap.

Hilariously enough, the lesson from this escapade seemed to fall on deaf ears.

In an updated post by the same TikTok user, it was revealed that either the same groundhog or another of his kind had made a repeat visit.

The subsequent raid, however, was met with more success, as the chubbier rodent managed a much smoother retreat this time around.


LIL FELLA IS BACK AT IT AGAIN 😂😂😂 #funny #animals ♬ original sound – RASCAL

Multiple trash can lids in the area bear the evidence of gnawed holes, suggesting that they are recurrent victims of groundhog invasions.

Despite the inconvenience, it’s comforting to note that the more portly culprits have a safety net in the form of kind strangers ready to lend a helping hand when their escapades take an unfortunate turn.