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Talented Pup Crowned Flip Cup Champion



Quick Smiles:

  • A golden retriever named Cabo has become a sensation on TikTok for his uncanny ability to play flip cup.
  • Although he doesn’t participate in the drinking aspect of the game, Cabo’s flipping skills have earned him the title of “flip cup champion”.
  • The video of Cabo’s flip cup prowess has attracted over half a million views, with many comparing him to the talented canine from the 1997 movie, Air Bud.

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In a world where the internet is overflowing with adorable animal videos, one golden retriever has managed to capture the spotlight with his unique talent. A video posted on TikTok by user @allycecilia features this golden boy, named Cabo, showing an unexpected skill at a popular drinking game, earning him the title of “flip cup champion”.

The video captures a typical party scene, with a table littered with cans and plastic cups. Amidst the human players engrossed in a game of flip cup, Cabo decides to join in the fun.

For those unfamiliar with the game, flip cup involves teams racing against each other. Each player must drink from their cup, place it on the edge of the table, and then flip it upside down using their finger. The next player can only start once the previous player’s cup has landed upside down.

While Cabo refrained from the drinking part of the game, he proved to be a natural when it came to flipping the cups. An empty cup was placed on the table’s edge for Cabo, and without a moment’s hesitation, he flipped it upside down, causing an eruption of cheers from the onlookers.


Cabo’s technique was unique. With a swift lick of his tongue, he managed to flip the cup as though he had been practicing for years.

But Cabo was not a one-trick pony. He confidently moved to the other side of the table and repeated his performance. Despite what seemed like a barely-there lick, the cup soared into the air, flipped, and landed perfectly upside down.

Cabo’s triumphant grin was infectious; his pride in his accomplishment was evident. The human spectators were equally thrilled, their cheers indicating that Cabo would be a sought-after team member in future games.