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The Ultimate Puppy-Bomb: Boy Overwhelmed by Golden Retriever Love



Quick Smiles:

  • Four-year-old boy in Charlotte, NC, gets hilariously ‘puppy-bombed’ by four golden retriever puppies, leaving him in fits of giggles.
  • The boy’s mom, Kristine Koroleva, reveals these joyful encounters are almost a daily occurrence.
  • If you need a heart-melting pick-me-up, this video is a must-watch!

Heaven on Earth?

For a four-year-old boy in Charlotte, North Carolina, it might just be.

When four golden retriever puppies decide to show you what unbridled affection feels like, there’s only one thing to do – giggle uncontrollably!

SWNS via Kristine Koroleva

A heart-melting video has captured the delightful moment where a laughing toddler is lovingly ambushed by a group of nine-week-old pups.

Their playfulness leaves him unable to get up, not that he seems to mind!

The boy’s joyful giggles resonate as a testament to the pure, unfiltered joy that only puppies can bring.

Kristine Koroleva, the 28-year-old mom behind the camera, enjoys the privilege of witnessing such delightful scenes almost every day.

“It happens almost daily,” she shared, giving us a glimpse into a household where love, laughter, and fur seem to be the daily staples.


Sounds like the dream home for any child (or adult, for that matter)!

For a dose of heartwarming hilarity, don’t miss the video!