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Video: Surprise Squatter Claims Cat Tower as Her Own



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  • An unexpected occupant was found in a newly purchased cat tree by a pet owner.
  • Pickles the pug claimed the cat tower as her own, instead of the intended feline resident.
  • The amusing incident was captured in a viral TikTok video, eliciting laughter and comments from thousands of viewers.Cat trees, or towers, are an excellent way to cater to our feline friends’ natural instincts, such as climbing, scratching, hiding, and resting. However, a recent incident shared by a pet owner suggests that one cat tree might not be enough for a household with multiple pets.

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The owner had initially bought a tower for their cat. However, a TikTok video posted by user @puggpickles on March 20 revealed an unexpected occupant in the new cat tree. The caption humorously read, “When your pug thinks she’s a cat.”

Pickles, the adventurous pug, wasted no time in exploring the new addition to the house. Despite the cat’s watchful eyes, Pickles showed no signs of vacating the tower anytime soon. The pug climbed up one of the ramps and into a covered hideout, looking out with a puzzled expression, as if wondering where this contraption had been all her life.

Pickles didn’t stop at exploration. She found a comfortable spot in the cat tree and promptly made it her resting place. The video captures her sitting in one of the pouches, yawning, and seemingly claiming the cat tower as her own. How she managed to climb the tower with her short legs remains a delightful mystery.

Unbeknownst to Pickles, the cat tree was not intended for her. The cat’s less-than-pleased expression suggested she wasn’t thrilled about sharing her new play area. She kept glancing back at the owner, as if expecting them to intervene and reclaim her territory from Pickles.


The general advice is to have one cat tree per cat to prevent overcrowding and disputes. Each cat gets their own territory, sleeping spot, hideaway, and scratching post. This should have been enough for this owner, but now they’ve discovered that Pickles also enjoys the tower, a second one might be in order.


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