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Watch the Emotional Tribute: Grandmother’s Graduation After 60 Years



Quick Smiles:

  • English grandmother Angela Davidson graduates 60 years after starting her degree.
  • Angela was one of six women studying animal sciences in the 1960s.
  • University acknowledges the different times for women and celebrates Angela’s achievements.

An English grandmother has achieved her dream of graduating from university nearly 60 years after she first started pursuing her degree. Angela Davidson had to put her education on hold when she became pregnant with her first child. She had met her partner at the same college, where she was one of only six women studying animal sciences at the time.

Fast forward six decades, and Angela returned to university, graduating with a Bachelor’s (honors) in Animal Sciences in December 2023. As she walked onto the stage, a university representative informed the audience that the class of veterinary students now numbers around 200, with about 80% of them being women.

The speaker continued, sharing that in 1960, there were only six female students, and Angela was one of them. They acknowledged that the university was “unable to support her” when she became pregnant, but she went on to have a happy family life and a successful professional career.

On her graduation day, Angela was surrounded by her children and grandchildren, who celebrated her incredible accomplishment. “It was a most wonderful morning. I’ve waited years for this,” she said. “The early 1960s was a very different time for women, and that has been acknowledged today—I felt such a warm atmosphere.”

Angela’s daughter, who she was expecting when she left the course, was there to witness her mother finally receive her degree. Watch Angela’s special moment in the ceremony and share this inspiring story with your friends on social media!