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Wheelchair-Bound Fan Crowdsurfs, Joins Coldplay Onstage!



Quick Smiles:

  • Rob O’Byrne, despite being wheelchair-bound, is an avid concert-goer and Coldplay fan.
  • During a Coldplay concert, Rob was lifted by the crowd and brought to the stage where he was invited to play harmonica with Chris Martin.
  • His inspiring story went viral, bringing joy and motivation to people around the world.

Let’s talk about Rob O’Byrne, a man who doesn’t let his wheelchair stop him from doing what he loves. His favorite pastime? Attending concerts, especially those of his favorite band, Coldplay.

Rob’s disability, which limits his control to one arm, hasn’t stopped him from singing his heart out in karaoke sessions. In fact, he’s quite the Chris Martin impersonator.

When Coldplay came to Dublin for a tour, Rob was there, ready to rock out. As the concert got into full swing, the band released giant bouncy balls into the crowd. Amidst the fun, two men accidentally fell over Rob in their pursuit of a ball.

But instead of letting the incident dampen the mood, the men decided to lift Rob, wheelchair and all, into the air for a better view. As the crowd cheered and helped along, Rob was carried closer to the stage.

Rob recalls, “I raised my arm in the air. Eighteen months earlier, I wouldn’t have been able to do that—I’d had a tendon transfer, which helped me get back some muscle that I lost in my arm. I was the first person in Ireland to have that operation.”

Despite the security guards’ protests, Chris Martin himself helped pull Rob up onto the stage. In front of 80,000 people, Martin asked Rob a few questions and then invited him to join in a song.

Rob shares, “He handed me a harmonica. I don’t play, but he said he’d look down when he wanted me to blow on it. He made up a song on the spot: ‘We’re in Dublin with Rob, he’s a PT,’ stuff like that.” Rob is a personal fitness trainer for people with similar injuries.


The joy didn’t stop there. After the concert, Rob and his friends celebrated on Dublin’s O’Connell Street, with Rob playing the harmonica, gifted by Martin, all the way.

News of Rob’s unforgettable experience went viral, reaching friends as far away as New Zealand. His story serves as a reminder that life’s most beautiful moments often come when we least expect them.

So, next time you’re at a concert, remember Rob’s story. Who knows? You might just find yourself on stage, playing harmonica with your favorite band.