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Yorkie-Dachshund Mix Delights Owner with Daily Surprise Gifts



Quick Smiles:

  • Savanna Westerfield’s 12-year-old Yorkie/dachshund mix, Mango, greets her with a surprise gift every day.
  • Mango’s adorable habit began six years ago and includes presenting items like socks, toys, and wrappers.
  • Westerfield’s TikTok series documenting Mango’s daily gifts has gained significant popularity, with one video viewed over 114,100 times.

Coming home to a wagging tail and a beaming face is one of life’s simplest yet most uplifting joys. For Savanna Westerfield, this joy is taken up a notch by her dog, Mango, who greets her with a surprise gift every time she walks through the door.

No matter the kind of day Westerfield has had, she knows it will take a turn for the better as soon as she’s home. Her 12-year-old Yorkie/dachshund mix never fails to greet her with a surprise in tow.


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“It could be a toy, a wrapper, or even a sock that mysteriously made its way out of the laundry basket,” Westerfield shared with Newsweek. Regardless of what her “sweet little dog” delivers, she’s “so thankful every single time” she does it, often rewarding Mango with a treat of her own.

“She is always so happy to see me when I get home tail wagging and she is frantically trying to find something to grab and pick up to bring me,” Westerfield, from Salt Lake City, said.

“She always brings me socks and small pieces of paper on the ground that haven’t made it in the garbage quite yet, also Barbies, a Pez dispenser, small kids’ toys, wrappers, a plastic fork, a headband, and many others.”


Random gifts my sweet little dog brings me when I get get home Part 12 #dogsoftiktok #minidachshund #yorkie #dorkie #cutedog #fyp

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This delightful habit began around six years ago. Now, Westerfield can’t imagine walking through her front door without this greeting.

Many dog owners might relate to this, as it’s not uncommon for dogs to bring a toy to their human when they get home. According to PetMD, this could be a sign that they want to play, or they have a sudden burst of energy after seeing their favorite person return.

Alternatively, when a dog flaunts a toy or an item in front of their owner, it can be a way of getting their undivided attention. In some instances, it’s just a way to channel all their excitement. Some dogs might bark or jump up at you when you walk in, but PetMD suggests training them to bring an item to you instead as it will distract them from any unwanted behaviors and leads to a calmer greeting.

Westerfield cherishes the “random gifts” that Mango brings her every day. She’s even started documenting it on social media. It’s become a regular series of videos on TikTok (@nuggybaby8), and part 14, which was shared on February 4, has already been viewed over 114,100 times and gained more than 15,700 likes.


“Everyone loved the first video that I shared, so I started uploading more and then they just kept getting more and more views. They call her a little angel,” Westerfield told Newsweek.

“She is my soul pup, and I’ve had her since she was 8 weeks old. I originally went to go see her sister, who was a little red one but then that pup was picking on Mango, and she ran to me and stood under my legs. From then on, we became best buddies.”

With more than 200 comments on the adorable video, many people praised Mango for being so generous, and fellow dog owners shared their own similar experiences. One comment read: “Oh my goodness. This is the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Another person responded: “The idea that these gifts, to them, are so precious, and they want nothing more than to offer them to you. We can all learn a lot from dogs.”

While another TikToker wrote: “Mine does this, [he] panics if he can’t find something to bring.”