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Sassy Cat’s Amusing Vet Visit Diagnosis



Quick Smiles:

  • First-time tortoiseshell cat owner, Brandy Mink, takes her cat Remi to the vet for a general exam and gets an unexpected diagnosis.
  • Remi’s “sassy” behavior, which included growling and swatting, was diagnosed as “tortitude” – a term used to describe the attitude of tortoiseshell cats.

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Brandy Mink, a resident of southern Illinois, recently shared her amusing experience of taking her tortoiseshell cat, Remi, to the vet. Brandy, a first-time tortoiseshell cat owner, decided to take Remi for a general exam due to some skin issues and her cat’s unusual behavior.

“She would tense up, growl, and swat,” Mink said. “But it wasn’t every time. So we thought maybe we picked her up wrong and it was hurting her?”

After spending $350 on a vet visit, Mink was surprised to learn that Remi’s behavior was not due to pain or discomfort. Instead, Remi was diagnosed with “tortitude” – a term used to describe the unique attitude of tortoiseshell cats.

Remi’s post-vet visit demeanor was captured in a TikTok video that Mink shared on her account, @_toe..beans_, in October. The video shows Remi silently expressing her attitude, her squinty eyes seemingly expressing displeasure at being taken to the vet. However, Mink believes that Remi was secretly amused, knowing that her attitude was the reason for the vet visit.


“She is sweet but also very spicy,” Mink commented on her experience with Remi.

The entertaining TikTok video quickly went viral, amassing over 2.2 million views, 223,300 likes, and 633 comments as of Saturday afternoon. Many viewers found Remi’s “tortitude” amusing and relatable.

“She looks so proud of herself at the end,” one user commented. Another added: “Tortitude is a lifelong condition, unfortunately.”

Indeed, many tortoiseshell cat owners chimed in, affirming that “tortitude” is a real phenomenon. These cats are known for their sassy walks, side-eye glances, and expressive meows.